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On the backs of eyelids.

Does heaven keep far off, not to set us in a fiery blaze? Not so- let drag your fiery fringes, heaven, and burn us up to quiet.
-904-904 Book VII Aurora Leigh

Re-reading the old blog, after a strange dream where I had a dinner party with all the past boys I’ve scorned or loved. Ones from weekends of ice skating, to nights of house parties and running in the freezing rain. All sorts of nationalities, personalities, and situations. It was bizarre to say the least, and I thought I’d re-read the old blog to re-visit the situations they were all found in.

Surprisingly I chose not to write about most of them, protecting them from the interwebs and these very same future visits. Keeping them safe and protected in my head, all faults and flaws erased or diminished, so that they sit around the table a sum of dates and evenings in my past. There are small hints, a happy day, a comment about pineapples, or a recounting of an evening with a strange lapse in event notation.

Actually I found alot more literary quotes in the old blog than I remembered. It makes my hands itch from my giant tome of Norton’s Victorian Poetry. I need to find all the dog eared pages and revisit all the poems that stand for times that were unwritten about.

In other news, I apparently used to be alot more eloquent, and I am sorry for the day to day accounts. That’s dull.

Here’s to new beginnings.

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For some reason I am not still curled in bed this morning shaking my fist at my hard mattress and the fan that makes my eyes are hurty.

I am awake, and dressed, and finding last minute lesson plans for baby pre-K is done-ish…I mean I always make it up as I go, they’re three, they don’t notice.

Today is the massive Halloween party for pre-K, K, and 1. It involves, candy, and haunted houses, and masks, and a play my K class is supposed to put on that they’re woefully unprepared for. However I have tried, and I guess I will never be a famous stage director some day. Damn, lifelong goals crushed.

Or at least getting 5 year olds to read a long story by themselves along with hand motions and no wiggling is way more of a demand than any broadway director has even had to face.

However it shall be good, as well as my “costume” which is really just a giant purple feathery wig, and these funny glasses with a fake nose attached. I look like…I don’t know what I look like but the wig thing reminds me some how of Carol Channing. I’m sure to scare the baby pre-K and get lots of laughs and “teacher, you crazy” from my Kindergartners.

Another reason I’m so chipper this morning is that a package came yesterday morning from Nashville. It made it, all I had to do was sign, yesss.  Inside were clothes, a giant purse (seriously even my giant purse passions I dont think are ready for that monstrosity, mom…maybe someday when I binge on purse capacity, or want to run away with my entire life’s possesions inside, then it will come to good use). Also food–more specifically breakfast food.

I love breakfast food….guess who doesn’t really do breakfast…asians. Or at least what I like to call breakfast. Cereal – no, toast with jelly -no, oatmeal – no, etcetc. So I now own poptarts and instant oatmeal…mmmmmmmmmm. And some muffin mix, we’ll see if we can bake muffins in our tiny toaster oven.

Also Little Debbies. Which will be scarfed immediately.

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Mow update.

Did not find anything to do, but in a moment of Cold War Kids wailing on my computer I began an obsessive cleaning of the apartment.


Bathroom shelves organized – done.

“Bag” cabinet cleaned – done

…bed made, giant floor of clothes, dishes, shoe closet, shower edge goo, turtle supplies, bobbypin issue, 2nd grade excel chart, cookie boxes, smartboard plans, flickr account, music organizing —All taken care of. Blammo.

Aaaand, now its 9 and I’m bored again. Let the chronic posting begin.

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A lovely afternoon, some coffee and some reading. An impending nostalgia for people and places that aren’t here. I missed Zombie day in nashville, and I miss Frank, and I miss my cats. Even when they try to smother me at 4 in the morning. Or when Frank steals all the blankets by laying on them and then going into “dead body coma” mode.

In other news, I wasted an entire hour today watching some girl sing songs and play the ukelele on youtube. Dear god, what is wrong with me.

I need to do something exciting tonight.

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Just returned a video I rented from the “almost like blockbuster but not quite” video rental place. I wanted something like a historical romance, I got instead an epic war battle…this is what happens when i pick based on pictures versus being able to read the description on the back. Whatever it had Heath Ledger and he was still cute even as a war ravaged arab….yeah…the picture was way way misleading.

But I now own a video rental “not quite blockbuster” card. Let the movie watching begin.

Also on Sunday we ate at a “just like Subway but not quite” place called Subber nearby. I think they might fufill my sandwich hankerings at half the price of Subway. Mmm Asian copies.

Now I’m sitting and writing Unit 2 assessments for my students. I don’t know what to write for the regular average students or how to phrase corrections nicely the ones for the students who have a little bit of satan in them. Hmm let me put those old english major bs skills to work. If I can write 17 pages on 17th century Prose-Fictions and Oronocco then I can write about how 6 year olds maliciously trip each other (Justin and Charlie today) and draw on the desks all day rather than participate (Brian).

My “almost-day-off”  is tomorrow. Only the baby pre-K, which is better on Tuesdays than Mondays. They definitely had a “case of the monday’s” today.

Now what should I do with the rest of the day after 12. Hmmm.

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Friday, while waiting at the busstop I bought some shiny leggings from a street vendor. Then I ran around in them all evening being comfy, and fell asleep at 11pm. Boring, yet really satisfying.

Back in the US. I was very very anti-leggings. I’m more of a wear some pants, quit trying to cheat and wear dresses that are shirts that you are trying to justify by just slapping some leggings on. That does not make it ok. A guess I’m slowly letting go of my sorority fashion choices rage.

However here, leggings are a given. They keep my “amount of skin showing” ratio down and thus the stares down as well. Also since its so hot, they are cooler than pants. Plus the fact that there are 1349827895745 varieties to choose from and are everywhere and cheap….there will be more legging purchases in the future.

For now I will stick to the grey knee length, and black sparkly full leg ones (they really for a halloween costume…but I always end up transferring those purchases into every day clothes, like the purple monster skirt)

Saturday, woke up, wandered down to Mr. Donut down the street because all the breakfast shops close at noon, and noon is when I wake up on Sat.

Get two donuts then have a 10 minute conversation/”gesture-sation” is what its more like, trying to get just a cup of coffee. Now I know the word for coffee, I even know the right tones for it, and the word for hot….however using these words did not get me “hot coffee” as would be logically expected. Instead they get a confused look and a point at all the things on the menu that AREN”T coffee or hot. Eventually its straightened out but still…..I wouldn’t be annoyed if I was ordering a “mango milk tea frappacino extra whipped cream” and there was confusion…..but I was ordering “hot coffee”.

As a result I got three free refills of coffee and was bouncing off the walls all afternoon.

Then in the afternoon me, tina, and a new friend, Andrew Putt went to the Miniature Museum of Taiwan. I was missing my daily dose of kitsch, and was hoping to get it here. And I definitely did, along with alot of “wow whoever makes these is really weird and lonely”. Hundreds of mini-rooms and buildings and things. And creepy dolls in them as well. I took pictures to convey the amazing detail and silliness of the whole museum.

Afterward, all you can eat korean barbeque, a bar with a plastic fishing game, and then wandering around Zhongxiao Dunhua looking for the worlds most elusive bar, and finally finding it. A pretty solid evening, and amazingly in bed before 1.

…so this is what Sunday morning before 2:30 looks like..

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Class today.

Trying to teach the Kindergartners about “cause and effect”…its kind of a stretch I know, but the teachers manual acts like its possible, so I’m going to try…

I give an effect “Teacher Jennifer is running” so class…what could “cause” teacher Jennifer to run, “why” is she running….

(Asian students aren’t very good at open ended questions like this, they’ve never been trained to think creatively..I usually get blank stares).

All of a sudden Justin raises his hand, waving it, jumping on the edge of his chair…

Yes…Justin.. “Teacher Jennifer has to go to the bathroom really bad”

*snort* Ok yes, I suppose that is a valid reason for me to be running….and he said it with complete sincerity so I couldn’t be mad.

Random things like this, allow me to survive Charlie, later, shoving Eric out of his chair because they were arguing.

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