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Chicken nugget time.

Being a page.

Can I go back to those days where I hid in the children’s biography section and read all afternoon pretending to put the 700’s in order? Stupid drawing books.

Sometimes it was so quiet and cold I felt like maybe time had stopped and I could just go on sitting on the creaky floor there forever and ever and no one would ever notice.

In other news, what shall I do with my Sunday? Last night was a whole lot of “not what I expected” on several accounts.  I’m ready for some fresh air and a walk.

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Food baby.

It wants out.

Thanksgiving dinner #3.

Little kids with magic-marker beards climbing on me like I’m some sort of jungle gym.

Red wine in paper cups.

Walking down the side of a mountain in the tropical dark, freezing our asses off, hoping the tiny bus comes to pick us all up.

Next on the agenda, Tina’s birthday at Plush. Its walking distance, lets see if I can rouse myself from this stupor by then.

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…I think thats one of those words that looks best, only in its most common form – inane.

Anyways. I have to mention how, you know you’ve found good people when there is drunken dinner roll juggling. Flying rolls everywhere and rosy faced asian boys, chucking them back and forth while Family Guy plays on the tv.

In other news I’ve played baseball for the past two days at work with the Baby Pre-K. Yes, I get paid to toss foam balls onto the bats of 3 year olds to trick them into thinking they actually hit the ball.

Words learned today —zero. Oh well.

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So, I know I’ve said this quite a few times, but let me just reiterate this once again. Hair Shine and Taiwanese hair washing….I am in love with you.

Intense passionate, hair washing love.

A perfect start to a sedate friday night, I drop by, cold and sore. Tea and massage and everything is good. I feel my chinese slowly slowly improving, I can ask for the hair wash, I can reply in the positive to questions I understand, I learned a new word — conditioner. I was also taught the word for hot towel but it escapes me now.

I asked for straight hair, its not raining for once so I know it won’t grow into a pouffy mess the second I leave. And damn is it straight. Its like being a completely different person. A guy yelled hello to me from a scooter on the way home, asian guys are never ever that bold. Maybe the straight hair is a good thing, I get to pretend to be someone else for a bit.

Thanksgiving leftovers. mmmmm. Too bad we don’t have a microwave. I’m very impatiently and starvingly toaster ovening it. Heres the spread before we dug in….don’t I make a great chef? Moving food from take out containers to dishes is my specialty.

My Obama print came in the mail. Wooooo. It’s gorgeous. I want to frame it. The guy was so helpful since the first one was lost in the mail. Now all I need are the McSweeney’s books and I’ll be set.

So lets see, great hair, yummy leftovers, obama print, life is pretty decent at the moment.

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I just picked up a monstrocity of a basket from Far Eastern Hotel, and it is loaded (like breaking my arm) with ham, and cornbread, and sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes, and brussle spouts (that we ordered thinking they were green beans), and 2 pies. TWO PIES!

I’m tempted to pull a yogi bear and run off with this pic-a-nic basket and gobble it all.

Gobble, gobble, gobble.

Oh jesus.

I’m lame. And politically correct people should never have ruined yogi bear, who cares if he has a stealing problem…a bear has to eat somehow. Side rant.

In other news, I now to have to obsessively clean the apartment, go get myself some wine, and get ready for Tina’s Aunt and Lulu to come over. The shoes on the other foot eh? No more asian dinner, where I have to stuff down plate after plate of good, but very new tasting food. Muahaha, you willll have a second helping of cranberries and like it!

Ok, time to rank the music and cram all the clutter behind cabinets.


ps. I am deeply depressed that I am missing the Macy’s parade. Even though no one watches it at my house but me… and only until Andrew could wrestle the remote to football. Boo.


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Stupid grins. They’re hard to wipe off.

Nightmarket food yum.

Reading contest for the K’s. Ugh, high pressure on me.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Food from Far Eastern…it better be yummy.

The weeks are flying by.

Happy 21st Andrew. Don’t be too ridiculous kiddo. Or hell, be mega ridiculous. I think I fell asleep at midnight on my birthday. It was pint night at the Saucer, and I had a 20$ tab of 2.50 pints.

Sleepy, so sleepy all the time. Can humans hibernate? I think thats what my body has been trying to do to me all week.

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Mixtures of a deja vu kind

I’ve been in several situations recently where if I didn’t look too hard at my surroundings I could almost forget I was Taiwan.

A Thanksgiving dinner, where I was tucking into some turkey and cranberry sauce and thinking damn, this is good, while Clark Gable charmed his way on tv.

While I exposed my useless knowledge about classic films I could only wish Kari was there with me, so I didn’t feel that it was weird that I knew 3 movies Clark Gable has been in or that the sailor in the background was definitely in Mary Poppins.

Then later in the same day I’m sitting in a gym, echoes of tennis shoes and the faint smell of chlorine, and all I could think of was the hundreds of games in the past for Andrew and Logan and even Kathryn (of course never for me) that I sat on bleachers and watched people run back and forth. The only difference this time was that one team was short asian guys where as the team of people we knew were all almost 6 feet or way over. Almost comical. But refreshingly familiar.

Then again, polishing the evening off with a tea house and fried tofu, kicked me straight back to the real world.

Nai cha…the best substitute to southern ice tea ever.

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