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Dinner. I hate the dinner conundrum. I’m tired of what I can cook for myself. I’m tired of the places near by that I can order from. I’m tired of imitation western food. And I’m pretty tired of noodles.

Lets invent an entirely new kind of food… or a new ethnic food….italio-greek?…Mexi-nese?

My tumbly is rumbly and I can’t decide what to eat.

I need a new book to read. The previous stash of books has been blown through in record time. I need a book, and a bottle of wine.

Also, I gave up on fixing the ipod, unless I find a place here that can do it. Back to the sad plastic faux-pod I used freshman and sophmore year of college. I put new batteries in it today and the music still on there was a blast from the past. Riding home on the bus I heard all sorts of music that I hadn’t given any deep consideration to in ages. Time to see what old Sufjan Stevens is getting up to now…done with an album about each of the 50 states yet? Or does he at least have a 3rd state done?

quick… off to wikipedia to answer all my vague questions…

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Domo Arigato

Watching the Oscars tonight, since it actually aired at 7am this morning. Again, living in the future kind of sucks. But this: made me laugh so so hard. Sometimes I feel like this is what I sound like trying to speak Chinese. Maybe Styx can help me out too.

…I just noticed– he thanks his pencil. Awesome. I would thank my pencil too…I mean I do read sites like this and all.

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Other times, other holidays

This time last year I was heading home from New Orleans, filled with king cake, homemade jambalaya, and a bag heaping with beads that I had caught or got hit in the head with when I wasn’t paying attention. Dave’s family was awesome enough to let us stay with them. This year, absolutely no peep of Mardi Gras here, just enough weekend.

Yesterday me and Tina went and stimulated the economy with her free economic stimulus vouchers. Shopping was done instead of spending it on groceries like she had said she would do 2 months ago HAHA groceries…are you kidding. Also I found a little shop, across from Tina’s favorite shop (Against Lover) that will definitely be my favorite shop from now on. Countess Mamio. Basically it was filled with my exact taste in jewelry, I just went aroud going oooh, ohhh, ohhhh. Reasonably priced too! I love, love, love it. Usually since I like unique handcrafted pieces they’re a bajillion dollars, hence my love/hate relationship with Etsy.

Then we sat around Sogo and people watched for a bit. We played the “girl/guy” game. Where we try to decide if the person is a girl or a guy, there are surprisingly alot of opportunities for this here as there are lots of “tomboys” as well as effeminate men. Androgyny is hip I guess.

So I got myself a little something. Definitely a classic, don’t you think?

dsc04646 dsc04658

Today it was 88 degrees and sunny, so Tina and I busted out the tshirts and sunglasses and went for a walk. We walked down the street a ways to the Raohe Nightmarket, but what we really wanted was behind it. The river and a greenway with tons of bikers, walkers, and people enjoying the day. The flowers were in bloom and there were tons of butterflies. Really nice.

dsc04593dsc04597dsc04596dsc04644dsc04602 dsc04638

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Nashville meets Taiwan?

Recently saw this on MTV Asia:

Jay Chou is one of the top pop-stars, and unlike some who are just pretty faces and good marketing (sorry Show, you’re cute but your singing is terrible) Jay Chou actually has considerable musical talent.

Enjoy. Cowboy on the Run (Niu Zai Hen Mang)

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Battle scars

And so it begins again. A verticle slice down my thumb. Ouch. The old gouges had finally healed.

Despite the plethora of stationary stores filled with 500 kinds of ink pens and 600 kinds of envelopes I had yet to find a bonafide art supply store. Ever on the lookout in the back of my mind, I stumbled upon one the other day. Of  course I immediately went in, and then begins the explanation of the specific thing I had been hankering for.

Umm…let see…oh boy…I want a piece of linoleum…like rubber…*makes cutting motion*..you cut it…pieces out to make a print….like wood..but not… a soft rectangle you carve? carving? printmaking? linocuts…anyone? anyone have any idea what I’m talking about. Shit…how do you say linocut in Chinese?

Regardless of language barriers I FOUND SOME. Ecstatically I bought two pieces…we’ll get to the need for ink and a brayer later.

Little lino flecks will litter the apartment for weeks to come…sorry Tina..I’ll sweep I promise.


(ps. Vanderbilt Studio Arts….I stole a linotool….you can have it back if you want, but its a couple thousand miles away now, I’ll make a 5$ donation?)

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Yum yum in the tum tum

Went by a place near work tonight for Greek/Turkish food called Sababas. Good lord it was delicious. I will definitely be going by for lunch in the future as well. Mmmm yogurt and olives and pita and souvlaki…mmmm.

(Thanks to the hungry girls guide to taipei for always steering me right and satisfying my cravings for “other” kinds of international food)

Also. There’s a dance school on the second floor of the building across from my bus stop. As I stood there waiting for the bus I could just glimpse the tops of little buns lined up at the barre doing their plies and what not. Cute.

Now? Catching up on some Lost, curled in bed with some milk tea from 85 C. yes yes yes.

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Saw this t-shirt online….are there Americatowns? Can I get some fried pickles and some apple pie please?

I guess the Gongguan neighborhood is as close as I’ll get.


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