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gubernatorial is a funny word. hehe guber….

The grey, cold weather has been keeping me in. That and a haircut that I find only tolerable when straightened and when it rains this is impossible. Hans you let me down, my man. I thought your slightly effeminate, quiet manner, and prowess wielding a hair blow dryer would equal skill in correcting the over priced, boring haircut I got at Aveda….all that happened was that I got the same haircut again…just shorter. Dammit.

Sleepy time, hiding under the sheets. Though I feel like I should take in the sights in Taipei, like I used to do in the beginning. I’ve settled into a rut of habit. Tuesdays at Brass Monkey, Friday nights at Taiwan Beer Bar, turkish food for lunch, 7-11 for breakfast yogurt, 278, 605, MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing. Chat with the irish guy on the way home, take out the trash, hang laundry, milk tea at 85C, handing out pencils, blowing noses, switching from tshirts to sweaters and back again…repeat ad infinitum.

More intrigue in asian boy land. Navigating the maze of cultural oddness. I hate not being able to use very very very precise english to convey what I mean. Vagueness sucks. What was the point of being an english major then? Wo bu zhi dao, wo bu zhi dao, wo bu zhi dao….and then polish all that off  with a wo ting bu dong.

I want some playgrounds and silliness. Jumped on top of a giant concrete pileon on the sidewalk, today at the red light, testing my 笨手笨腳-ness. I was very tempted to do some faux-ninja moves but then contemplated exactly how offensive that would be, given that about 15 scooter drivers at the red light were already staring. Whaaaaaa-chaaaaaa. I guess ninja moves are reserved for kindergarteners who aren’t paying attention.

I’ll leave you with some koi and stork pictures… carry on. (A while back I asked a guy I was in the park with if you could eat koi, and were they yummy. I mean they’re so big and fat and in all the ponds. He got a very very confused/horrified look on his face and asked why you would want to do that…..Ooops. Faux pas…sorry I was just wondering, this is what happens in my head while listening to others talk. So I guess its a no go on koi eating here)



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terminologyxkcd. gotta love it.

I think I’m finally un-tired….its 11pm. Dammit. Went for a walk in the rain to get some milk tea. Switched it up and got it cold…surprising the 85C people….I always order the exact same thing.

Rocking some pigtails. With the new shorter hair, they’re kind of fun. Maybe one day I will seriously just become one of my kindergartners.

Also contemplating becoming a blonde. A platinum blonde (its the only way to go). Now would be the only time I would ever think about doing it since blonde doesn’t have the same connotations here as in America. No bimbo blonde, more like movie star blonde here. We’ll see…it would probably freak out my poor curls. I don’t want pure poof on my hands here.

Elvis Costello mood.

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Mazes of covers

Spending the day in bed. Fie on the all-you-can-drink bars. I just want to maximize my dollar in a very American capitalistic way. Maybe next time i’ll go a smidge slower.But how can I refuse light pink gin martinis?

We did teach the bartender to make White Russians though, he had never heard of them. Me and Axel ran down the street to 7/11 to buy milk and then I supplied the instructions. I was instantly transported to sophmore year of college, and nights sitting near the blender in Arek’s room. The evening had a familliar ending similar to sophmore year as well.

The bar had a skinny little white cat that was really friendly. I carried him around like a baby all evening. His name was Mi-hao. I miss my kitties.


Come visit. David Bowie and Beatrice.

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At the moment

At the moment, here are some things I’m digging.

Tebe Interesno.



This video from Feist….

And this cake…the only good chocolate cake in Taipei, and it is to diiiiiiieeee for.


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In a renewed effort to not be a shitty/culturally insensitive foreigner I’ve been slogging away at learning Chinese again, but its again proving the same cycle.

I listen to the pimsleur for about 2-3 lessons (hour/hour and a half) then working at the characters/workbook I have. Then I get disheartened and slow down. Its all just too formal, and after listening to hours and hours of real people speaking real Chinese I am always left with the feeling that this is NOT how people talk when listening to the tapes. I know I have to start somewhere but I feel really awkward about going around speaking this stilted beijingy mandarin.

In addition to this, getting completely blank looks when I do try to speak more complex sentences, isn’t exactly encouraging. I know I can’t stick to “wo yao, wo xihuan” forever. Friday night I went out with friends, without Tina who always works Saturday mornings. The usual Taiwanese/American crowd wasn’t present. It was me, my good friend Miller, who has excellent English, and then about 10 other asians all speaking Chinese/Taiwanese. While I understand considerably more than I can say, the finer parts are still lost, and I have to listen very closely.

I have a coffee date to practice my French…and now I’m afraid thats all muddled in with the Chinese as well. We’ll see. Dui bu qui, je ne parle pas Chinois, hao bu hao?

We’ll see.

I leave you with this amusing video seen on the site of Elyse Sewell, a girl from America’s Next Top Model who now lives in Hong Kong. We played a drinking game the other night that involved doing dance moves when pointed to….quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Moves parodied, were like ones seen here…me? I introduced the macarena, the sprinkler and stiring the pot.

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Passenger Pigeons

I love technology. I love that I can call people from the other side of the world and it sound like they are right there. Wooo satelites, is all I have to say.

So all the kids from Morgan and Vandy are for some reason ALL in Nashville at the same time right now. Some just happened to be there, and some came because the coincidence was becoming too great.


Every single person in this picture is hanging out right now in Pat’s apartment except me. However, a well time phone call made it seem almost real. It was so so so nice to hear everyones voices again and even their own personality quirks. I’ve been needing to hear a “Jeeeeeennnnnn” from Brian for sometime and Pat’s deep baritone, even Dave was there from NOLA  and Aj from Florida and Aaron from Texas, dang.

Good news is some will still be in Nashville when I get back, but some are moving on. Anders and Chelsea STAYYYYY. Columbia grad school can wait. Las Palettas and Pei Wei need our patronage in these times of economic woes.

I love love love Taipei. This weekend has been pretty good. And the weather has been pretty lovely recently — however its getting a bit muggy and hot NO summer Nooooo,go away. Can we move Taipei a bit closer to Nashville though…..or just sell airfare for 30$? Please? Get on that Obama.

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Inner child

While I’m not such a fan of other peoples children, I do deeply love my own inner child.

Which is why I love this new art by Dietrich Wegner.


Also I am so so so so excited for the Where the Wild Things Are movie.



Today went pretty smoothly at school. Its funny how the absence of one or two students can make the whole day easier. Even the student’s themselves notice.

We took the kindergarten and the Pre-K on a field trip to the library. First they got all decked out in green St. Patrick’ss day clothes and face paint…even though St. Patrick’s day was yesterday, and since its been pretty hot out all week, the face paint smudged and ran so by the time we reached the library it looked like I was herding a bunch of hyper martians. Cute martians though. Also the story I told them about St. Patrick’s Day was mildly insane, since there is no story and I can’t say “its a holiday where you drink alot”….something about snakes and leprechauns and gold and rainbows and clovers.

The library was pretty impressive and had a really large english children’s book section. I ran across William Steig books and Nate the Great books and all my childhood favorites: Goodnight Moon, Audrey Wood, Shel Silverstein. I kept trying to shove them on my students despite them only wanting to look at the damn I Spy books. I remember Kathryn loving those stupid I Spy books too.

I’m sure some of the 100 photos we took on the field trip will show up on the internet soon. The school has to pimp their kids out for more new students of course. And mine are the cutest of course.

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