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The more traditional Dragon Boat Festival photos will follow soon. BUt for now, some amusing things, I’ve taken pictures of in the past few days. If you’d like to see even more silly things, check out Elise Sewell’s blog. She is usually based in HongKong however took a mini-vacation to Taipei and captured quite a few lovely photos and opinions of our city.


This is a zebra butt on Dunhua E. Rd. No, there is no other half to the zebra on the other side of the street…there is merely a butt. I do not understand.

DSC05416 If you smoke in here….we will cut you. Biyatch.

DSC05407Nothin’ like sitting indian style in some shade making important business deals on your cellphone.

DSC05298Hulk hands smaaaaash.

DSC05288This purple sign says, “Don’t die please” in english. What does this store sell? Really? I’m glad that its asking me politely, though. If the sign hadn’t said please, I was totally going to go die.

DSC05297This store is in the very posh Pacific Sogo. The store next door sells Wedgewood China. While initially it looks like it sells all sorts of baby items…closer inspection reveals its a store devoted entirely to dogs. Dog strollers, dog wardrobes, dog play tents, shoes, raincoats…seriously. Taiwanese people love their tiny dogs. The dog strollers freak me out particularly, because I am never expecting a brown, hairy dog, when I look down at the blankets in a stroller on a street.

DSC05417I rarely have my camera out to catch the assortment of scooterers I see on the streets. This is a rather boring one. Just a Dad and a little girl pretending to drive. Other passengers I’ve seen in the past have been: a mom,dad, and THREE children. A man, his girlfriend, and their large golden retriever (this guy lives in our neighborhood, so hopefully I can catch him with my camera someday…the dog, stands sideways where your feet go..surfs down the road), a man and three large ferns in front which totally covered his face while he was driving…I think he peeked inbetween….or he is really good at driving blind, a man and 8 gas canisters, and various old ladies with giant umbrellas rigged to their scooters, so they can avoid the sun.

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To Summer:

Midi -Leconte de Lisle

Midi, Roi des étés, épandu sur la plaine,
Tombe en nappes d’argent des hauteurs du ciel bleu.
Tout se tait. L’air flamboie et brûle sans haleine ;
La Terre est assoupie en sa robe de feu.

L’étendue est immense, et les champs n’ont point d’ombre,
Et la source est tarie où buvaient les troupeaux ;
La lointaine forêt, dont la lisière est sombre,
Dort là-bas, immobile, en un pesant repos.

Seuls, les grands blés mûris, tels qu’une mer dorée,
Se déroulent au loin, dédaigneux du sommeil ;
Pacifiques enfants de la Terre sacrée,
Ils épuisent sans peur la coupe du Soleil.

Parfois, comme un soupir de leur âme brûlante,
Du sein des épis lourds qui murmurent entre eux,
Une ondulation majestueuse et lente
S’éveille, et va mourir à l’horizon poudreux.

Non loin, quelques boeufs blancs, couchés parmi les herbes,
Bavent avec lenteur sur leurs fanons épais,
Et suivent de leurs yeux languissants et superbes
Le songe intérieur qu’ils n’achèvent jamais.

Homme, si, le coeur plein de joie ou d’amertume,
Tu passais vers midi dans les champs radieux,
Fuis ! la Nature est vide et le Soleil consume :
Rien n’est vivant ici, rien n’est triste ou joyeux.

Mais si, désabusé des larmes et du rire,
Altéré de l’oubli de ce monde agité,
Tu veux, ne sachant plus pardonner ou maudire,
Goûter une suprême et morne volupté,

Viens ! Le Soleil te parle en paroles sublimes ;
Dans sa flamme implacable absorbe-toi sans fin ;
Et retourne à pas lents vers les cités infimes,
Le coeur trempé sept fois dans le Néant divin.

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To quote a book given to me by my 6th grade teachers to celebrate my infinite nerdiness (also known as the Accelerated Reading Contest)…

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where you’ll go. Oh the places you’ll go

-Dr. Seuss

Currently plotting and planning for travel in August. Destinations? Southeastern China -Yunnan, Vietnam, and Cambodia. More details to follow as I actually figure them out. I have a feeling there will be alot of planes, trains, and buses involved.

Who thought that little girl with the long wavy hair would be traipsing around these places she read about late at night in books.

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The window is open and I can smell that someone, somewhere is cooking something that smells like bacon (it probably isn’t bacon though, that really doesn’t happen here unfortunately).

And now,

I want some bacon and biscuits and gravy and eggs so so so so so bad. Mawmaw, I demand massive country style breakfast when I get home.

I haven’t had biscuits in a year. Seriously. Big buttermilk biscuits.



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Correct answer to this frequent comment by taxi drivers.

Bu hui

(just because I can competently say my own address does not mean I have mastered the incredibly complex language of mandarin)

It is finally raining after a whole week of humidity and threatening to. Yesssss. Coolness.

Went and took some pictures from the top of the green Sogo. I’ve been meaning to since probably last September. Also, snapped a photo on the way home of the giant metal hands on Civic Blvd. So creepy and communist looking. I’ll put them up in a bit.

For now. Lots of photographic teaching goodness. I finally found the flickr for my kindergarten at school. There are a bagillion photos of my students and me doing various things, mostly holiday events because those are popular with the kiddos and the parents. St. Patrick’s day at the library, Easter, Reading Contest, Mothers Day. They’re all on there. Enjoy.


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Gloom and doom

I awoke this morning expecting to go to the beach then maybe down the road to Jiufen to drink tea.

Instead of the piercing sun we’d been experiencing for weeks and weeks now.

Cloudy with a potential for rain. I guess the beach is off. We decided to get breakfast and then maybe head to Yanmingsan.

After gorging myself of radish cakes, dan bing, and yo tiao. We went outside only to see it was raining.

Downgrade again.

We discover we’re in a 7-11 directly across from the library.

Off to the library.

Hell yeahzzz. I got a library card, and so did Tina. And we checked out the foreign literature section. Not too shabby, there was some good stuff in there. However you’re only allowed to check out 5 books at a time. Only 5!!! Came home with Miranda July’s No One Belongs Here More Than You, Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh, and The Yiddish Policeman’s Union by Michael Chabon.

Conquered all of Miranda July this afternoon, and halfway through Brideshead.

I missed these long reading binges. The only downer is the heat. Sticky arms and backs don’t make for good lounging. Is there any way to read in an icy shower?

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Wake-up call

It’s official. Summer is here, and its way hot.

Just took what will probably be the first of manymany ice cold showers. Mmm feels so good. Until you get out of the shower again. Can we just go back to living under the earth in caves? Its a nice 60 degrees in there year round.

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