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Here pig, pig, pig

“You speak formidable.”-BrianĀ  …again example of #4…no matter how little you speak it is always HEN HAAAAO.

(Teaching all my friends pinyin, so I can stop google translating all those damned characters)

Spent all morning at the coffee shop updating the old powerbook, and sneaking some downloads for the new ibook. I look like a crazy mac woman with two computers opened in front of me at the window bar…oh well. I have about 2000$ worth of equipment in front of me and their my sole valuable possessions haha.

Halloween went well. Worked the worlds most dead shift at NCC then off to East Nashville for some bar excitement. It was great. Lots of creative costumes, lots of minorly scary ones–troll man, I am impressed at your ability to creepily shimmy at people for 5 hours straight. Made lots of eye contact with vague high school acquaintances but didn’t actually talk to any of them. Everyone thought I was swine flu…which I was not witty enough to come up with myself…I’m just a pig people! Anyways, hit up Walgreens the next day for some discount candy, hell yeah and then gorged myself on delicious Indian food.

Thanks to daylight savings my body now wakes me up at 730 am everyday instead of 830…boooo, boo on that. I got asked last night why America does daylight savings, “Well..its because….well…I don’t know”

I looked it up...its for alot of boring reasons.


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