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Recalled to life

Just to quote Dicken’s a little bit up there, who is one of the few few British authors I just can’t seem to get into.

I’m back.

Back in my usual seat at the coffee shop. Back with the java and the keyboard, and an incredibly succinct and unsatisfyingly vapid post.

I got a snowday.

It is snowing shit-tons of snow.

The kind of snow from my childhood. And in the spirit of childhood, I may make a snowman later in my front yard, completely by myself. And I will not have a dog *cough Molly cough* to run out and knock it over, destroying hours of work in 10 seconds. Bitter? Why, not at all.

To update you, where in the hell did I go?

I got a job. I got two jobs. I had too many jobs. I worked, alot. Then I worked less but had to move. My new place needed…”improvement” to put it very very mildly. I worked at work. I worked at home. I had no internet, but I did have lots of work. Then after work, eating and sleeping, then doing it all again.

But now. I’m back. I still work, but have achieved a comfortable plateau on the neckbreakingly steep learning curve of my new career (which is PM at a Design/Marketing firm btw) so I am less anxious and exhausted at the moment.

To sum it up. Let the coffee shops and musing re-commence.

Aaaaand. Scene.

I’ll leave you with a picture of some dragon fruit which I am intensely longing for. Yet here I am, tens of thousands of miles from any store which my possibly sell this delectable fruit. To make up for it, I bought Mango Ice cream at the grocery last night (made by Purity, wtf) which will inevitably upon tasting, deeply disappoint me, but at the moment I can still hope.

(I’ve also been having numerous dreams in which I am in Taipei and I excitedly plan all the places I’m going to go eat/drink…yet get lost and wake up before any of it can happen….milk tea from 85 C you were so close! So close!)

So much for succinct.


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