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Really excellent, insightful, and fantastic TED talk. God, I love TED talks.

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So Friday. it snowed alot. (this has been covered). After coffee, I slowly drove back to my house. As I pulled into my driveway my car was pelted with snowballs. Hello, neighbors.

Called Pat. Went sledding on the corner of 31st Ave. and West End. The giant hill in front of that financial building. All of the traffic at that intersection got to watch us repeatedly fly down, screaming, only to run up again clutching out bent up cookie trays. Yes. We are grownups. Post-sledding, there was hot chocolate and internet exploring.

I heard about a city-wide snowball fight thanks to Nashvillest and Nate. So, back on went the slight cold, soggy clothes for round two. We arrived at the Parthenon and began pelting the 8 or so people there, taking care not to tag the lone Tennessean photographer there to catch shots if there was any legitamate excitement. After he took our names, shook our hands and left the real fun began.

(These photos are courtesy of the Tennessean, thanks guys)

We saw a dark mass gathering at the front of the park. We began running. There was an epic braveheart-esque moment with groups running and screaming and they began gathering ammo. After a bit of a tussle, we all stopped and began to chat. A certain unmentionable company had brought their truck and we all partook of some unmentionable deliciousness. Very large thanks to the Marathon gang. We then decided to attack a Channel 4 van which had been live broacasting earlier. They fought back and then hid inside.

Despite the fun and the snow, we were all starting to freeze, so we adjourned to the Springwater, where all the old grizzled alcoholics looked surprised to see us. Post Springwater, Rotiers for cheeseburgers, and post Rotiers, my house, where we played Mall Madness and drew dominoes for various brands of 40.

(we don’t actually know each other, but its all good)

The snow was thoroughly enjoyed. It looks as if its starting to thaw today, yet the 4+ inches of snow are still going pretty strong in my yard. We’ll see how Monday fares for the populace not living directly off West End.

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