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You know you’re a designer when you describe the paint color you’re going for in your bedroom as 50% grey.

….step away from the opacity button.

in another note, to every single person (and its probably all of you) who think my bedroom is painted light blue…it was supposed to be grey, medium/light grey…unfortunately a “cool grey” just meant straight up light blue. Figures.

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This. is. me.

Because there’s nothing wrong with getting completely dressed for the day and then getting back under the covers for 3 more minutes.

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This reminds me of the elaborate arguements we used to have with our French professor in Aix-en-Provence. I wish I could only have been so well spoken then.





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And in the meantime, I will still enjoy it fully – whether it be through digital content or on a Sunday morning stained with cereal milk and ink pen doodles.

A great thing recently that I’ve been enjoying almost EVERY SINGLE article posted is this:


or the magazine part: http://www.good.is/the-la-issue/

Good Magazine and its many other ventures, has solid writing, gorgeously simple design, and a good goal in mind.

Is it cheesy if I say its just plain…well.. good?

With the paywalls on New York Times, the depressing state of affairs with the economy, politics, social problems sometimes I just want to dig deep into fascinating articles like this:


or this! (mmmm infographics almost as delicious as pie charts)


or even this:http://www.good.is/post/want-to-reduce-the-trade-deficit-stop-driving-so-damn-much/

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Now, I know I made an entire art show based on epically fun playground equipment that no longer exists because of “safety” concerns but am I getting old or does this actually seem legitimately unsafe? (My inner 9 year old says…lets go try to grab ahold).

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When I first moved into my crumbly yet “charming” apartment I walked around all the edges of the front room to decide which was the least “squishy” and to determine where to stick my bookcases. 4 completely full bookcases and one piano later nothing has yet fallen through the floor, but there is always tomorrow.

Something to aspire to? Only a couple more trips to McKay’s and I’ll be there…

(I’d like to see you build this with your fancy schmancy kindle)

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I am pretty sure I will never have to scour the vastness of the internets for design things ever again, thanks to this site I found.


While I had amassed some of this in my epically organized bookmark compendium it wasn’t all easily viewed. Huzzah.

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