Now, I know I made an entire art show based on epically fun playground equipment that no longer exists because of “safety” concerns but am I getting old or does this actually seem legitimately unsafe? (My inner 9 year old says…lets go try to grab ahold).


When I first moved into my crumbly yet “charming” apartment I walked around all the edges of the front room to decide which was the least “squishy” and to determine where to stick my bookcases. 4 completely full bookcases and one piano later nothing has yet fallen through the floor, but there is always tomorrow.

Something to aspire to? Only a couple more trips to McKay’s and I’ll be there…

(I’d like to see you build this with your fancy schmancy kindle)

I am pretty sure I will never have to scour the vastness of the internets for design things ever again, thanks to this site I found.


While I had amassed some of this in my epically organized bookmark compendium it wasn’t all easily viewed. Huzzah.

Oh Hark a Vagrant. You’re so amusing.




Something fun to play with…


Almost as fun as Someecards.com



“This has been an interesting few years for the book industry. There have been many changes and realignments, and these changes have led many to predict that (a) reading is dead; (b) books are dead; (c) publishing is dead; (d) all printed matter is dead. Or that all of the above, if not already dead, will be dead very soon.

The good news is that there isn’t as much bad news as popularly assumed. In fact, almost all of the news is good, and most of it is very good. Book sales are up, way up, from twenty years ago. Young adult readership is far wider and deeper than ever before. Library membership and circulation is at all-time high. The good news goes on and on.”


This is all. Let me go curl up for another 16 hour reading binge. Its summer which equals ac unit – me laying directly in front of it – book – various dirty clothes I use as pillows and empty cereal bowls.

How long can a person live on cereal alone? We may just find out.

Now that I’ve been away so long as to scare away any readers at all, lets dust off the old dashboard and get to posting again. Some initial food for thought to ease our way in….

Its finally miserably hot out, so get the sidewalk chalk and get to doodling. Then…..wash it all down with some sprinkler time. I promise there’s no age limit to it. No chalk? Make your own.


And in design news: Design AND words: a typographic map. The best combination


And for the locals. Brad Vetter has a great letterpress show down at the Belcourt. Go see it! I particularly like the rocketship one. And the way all the mats are cut (mat cutting is a bitch).