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Here goes. The beginning of the public eye. Or not so much public as peopled. Peopled with “Peoples I know”…then again, it is the internet so maybe the one or two people I don’t.

Personally peopled, potentially public rather.

More rantings/ravings to continue as the days count down and then start all over again. Two weeks from tomorrow. Eeep.

Feel free to read along, comment, critique, suggest, and pass it along.

I’ve had a bit of experience at this whole blog thing. Been pecking away at one since I was 16. Those old entries from 2001 are a bit more frivolous than what I hope to capture here. That blog is hiding away in one of the many many hidey holes on the interwebs, where only a few are aware of it, biding its time, chronicling the past and present me.

This one. This one is for travel. For delicious food, delicious photos. For lessons taught and lessons learned in the classroom. For awkward cultural fumblings and ecstatic unknown revelations.

Lets begin.

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