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Our apartment is incontinent

Good news the ac isn’t broken. Bad news…

Its raining, inside. Or more like driping slowly and quickly.

At the living room window, apparently the area around the ac/plug is not sealed well, and its leaking. I don’t want to know how this is affecting the wiring of the plug. But we unplugged the ac. And we’ve rigged a cup to catch the drips from the plug, which are pretty intense. and a “wall diaper” of sorts to catch the slow drips down the wall which are definitely not good for the dry wall.

Can we fix this? What do we do? A quick call to Aunt confirmed our suspicions. Nope, its pouring, there will be no climbing on the outside of buildings in a typhoon to fix a wall drip.

Aaaaand its supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow.

Lovely. I guess we’ll just empty the wall bowl every 30 minutes.

Also. Some views from the bathroom window, which is easier to open and the only window that doesn’t have a view of the apartments 5 feet away next door.

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