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Sweet Swedish Furniture

Two postings in one evening, yowza.

Or rather two postings while everyone in the States is sleeping.

We got alot done this afternoon. Found a second-hand tv shop near by. 20 in tv, 2000$NT. Took a taxi to get it home, taxi guy even brought it in to the elevator- thanks!

Then dinner at the “buffet” place, which is delicious and lets me pick. By buffet, we mean street vendor who has about 15 items cooked and you pick a plate full. I always get eggs’n’tomatoes, green water spinach, sausage slices, and tonight I went for the peppery chicken looking item. You also get rice, all of this for 50NT- 1.75$. The buffet place closes at 8 so we usually don’t make it in time.

We asked the internet-taipei-bus schedule what bus we should take to AsiaWorld, the mall with Ikea in it, and it said “It is not far, exercise”…really…the online bus schedule rejected us and told us to walk to Asia world. So we did.

And it was far away, *shakes fist at their definition of exercise* Maybe a mile and a half. Certainly farther than my subway station. However Ikea was glorious except that…

they were sold out of the bed I needed and won’t get it for several months. Nooooooo. I forlornly wandered the store. My mattress is 3.5 feet across, extrawide, to make up for having the twin and not the double bed room. However, this poses a problem for most of the cheap Ikea beds as the mattress rests down in a little rectangle a bit. So I still remain bedless.

However other goodies.

Cool, white plastic lamps.

A coffee table!


Two pillows for the couch!

Pot holders! and….a squeegee….which doesn’t deserve an exclamation point because it is to deal with the fact that not all the water from the shower on the floor drains and it leaves a puddle. Ew. Ew for my feet.

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