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Secret Asian Man….no joke. Someone has changed the words from agent to asian, its on the radio and I’m rocking out to it as I look at tons of discount hello kitty housewares. That little kitten is EVERYWHERE.

An early morning, waking up at 7am since we’re still not used to the time switch yet. This morning has come back to bite me in the ass this evening though, oh well. Some tv (John Edward’s scandal), some mystery breakfast. Every meal here has at least one mystery food… I’m 70% longing for a burger and fries, this mornings mystery foods were almond juice and turnip cakes.

We did tourist things today. I got to wear my camera and not feel stupid. White people count was up to 7…a whole 7. We went to the National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial, and looked the museum.

It was pretty cool. There was also a wooly mammoth exhibit and in typical Asian fashion, cuteness to go along…giant stuffed wooly mammoths. Of course all the little kids were posing in front of them and I wanted to too. On the way to the front this little boy with a buzz cut, eyed me down….I gave in to the impulse to make a face at his stare, crossing my eyes. I was  welcomed with a mean squint. Very worth it.

After the giant museum onto Longshan Temple: I want to go back there again definitely. It was gorgeous inside, a lot of incense and carvings, however since it is still a working temple I felt a bit awkward taking pictures. I snuck and few but will have to go back sometime when I have more courage. There were shrines to good grades, prosperity, and one crowded with teenagers that is apparently about love and relationships.

I got some new shoes in the market located underground near the temple. Two pair for 8$, but I got a bit nicer ones for 10$. Green peep-toes.

Then to a completely different part of town to visit Tina’s other uncle. When we get there of course there is no parking in the tiny winding alleys that are somehow streets, so instead we are dropped off to get our hair washed….

Ok stop the presses…. Not just any hair washing….more like…
A shoulder massage, scalp massage, and 45 minutes of intense hair washing….really 45 minutes, and you can watch tv. Then complete styling, I got mine blown out straight for fun. All of this….


I would pay three times as much. Just the straightening alone at home would cost 35$. We are definitely going to the salon once a week for this…so so relaxing. I feel guilty for it being only 5 dollars, maybe some one should tell them that can charge 50$ for this in America.

After that, I step outside with my newly straightened hair and bam…poof. Of course, humidity. We sit on the sidewalk for a while killing time outside of Tina’s other uncle’s apartment. Theres a dog that we play with and we get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Finally a mini-snack of tempura, tofu, and more fried blood, along with some Taiwan beer, fittingly named “Taiwan Beer”. It was pretty good, I thought it tasted like Heineken.

Then off to her uncle’s business, which is surprise, surprise a Karaoke club. It’s empty so we eat dinner – dumplings – yesss. And Tina’s cousin – we’re going to go with Lulu from now on because her nickname sounds like that – karaoked her heart out for hours and hours. There were only about 20 English songs, all of which were written ages ago, so we ended up doing only one –Do re mi – (Sound of Music Mom!) and that was my limit of karaoke for the evening. Exhausted and still not adjusted to the time we fell into bed at 10.

Again, photos to follow…sorry the internets are slow here. Here is one to last you…..scooters, millions and millions of scooters.

Here is Tina’s Aunt and Uncle and one of their daughters, who is highschool age, the other one is off at college.

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