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Typhoons and blankets

Rain all day. Plus the occasional windy noise. Really, it is making me so sleepy, despite sleeping in till noon (which was glorious). Curling up in bed time.

Class on Friday was a bit better than the past week. Charlie and Justin were in fine form hitting each other with their nap bags before class. So I sent them to Pre-K in Elisa’s class, since they were acting like “babies”. Then they were back, and were ok for a bit. A game I invented of “magic” hat where they pick “objects” over people or places was a smash hit and we played it for about 30 minutes. Its funny, the instant I bring something from home, everyone wants it, and wants to play. “Magic” bag of school supplies was also this popular. But then I have to send Charlie and Justin out again. No more idle threats. They spend the rest of the afternoon in Pre-K. Class is blissfully calm. Everyone quietly makes Monster masks, shares markers, asks for help, reads when they’re done. Everyone plays the matching games and fills their notebooks with work, which I wasn’t sure if it was too hard or not. So this proves it. I am not a bad teacher. I would have the ideal class without Charlie and Justin. Still, they are in my class. I need some master plan for them. For the meantime they’re going to learn I’m serious about punishment and this means a lot more sessions in the hallway, since making them stand against the wall does nothing.

Second grade class, reading, worksheets, adjective games, spelling test, a fight over pencils, reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at least I can reason with these kids, and my strict voice is pretty effective. On Friday’s we end with Scrabble for 30 minutes. I got a pineapple cake from my quiet and sweetest student Madeline for Autumn holiday this weekend. And Teacher Sylvia gave me some godiva chocolate after the kids ate all the snacks and I didn’t get one. Yesss. Since Chinese chocolate, isn’t right someway. Too chalky, not “chocolate” even though it looks like it should be.

Discovered Teacher Jeff is a liberal zealot after 2 minutes of conversation during break time. “Hi my name is Jennifer…Im from  Nashville”  BAM he starts talking about extreme rendition and politics. Which is ok I guess. Just a little abrupt. I think I reassured him with my knowledge of all that is evil in the government today, but still, whoa, I think the rule is you have to talk about weather, hobbies, and work for at least 7 minutes before busting out tirades about politics.

Due to wind walking home, I battled my umbrella half way and then gave up and gave in to the windy mist that was soaking everything. At least I wasn’t sweaty, it was kind of refreshing. Friday commute was extra horrid since everyone was trying to get all their shopping done before the real rain set in, so the subways were extra crowded and outside Taipei City Hall Station no one wanted to walk home, so it was crowded with everyone waiting for taxis. I elbowed my way to the sidewalk and began slip-sliding my way home, since my flipflops-while excellent for accidentally stepping in puddles- have no traction. And the abundant use of marble and tile for sidewalks here makes me do the “panicked-I’m-sliding-arm-wave” at least twice a day.

Maybe a barbeque tonight at an aunts house for Autumn Moon Festival, depending on the weather.

Now that the washer has stopped leaking, the ac is. Great. Adventures in apartment rental.

However all of my clothes are washed now, and making lovely curtains while hanging in my room above my head.

That’s all I got. Nesting time, with the blankets and the books, and the soft glow of my Ikea lamp.

Also: Bonus. A couple bad pictures of school which I took for a lesson about “places” in school, so they were snapped hurriedly before class.

This is our “library” or books of the week

This is our office.

This is the kitchen. The students eat lunch here, and have a snack time. Though there is a larger sink/cabinet area outside on our porch.

This is some of my kindergarten class and some Pre-K’s eating lunch. Also Teacher Elisa.  Athena is flashing the peace sign, Cindy has the pigtails, and Justin is in the middle in the green shirt next to Zona.

This is Charlie. Sitting outside the classroom because…he’s in trouble. Isn’t that face so angelic.

My. second grade class.

Robban reading, he’s the brains though he’s constantly talking too much and getting the others riled with his “imaginary swords” i.e. his hands that he karate chops. Next to him is George. The boy who makes grouchy faces perpetually. However I’ve discovered from another girl that its party because he can’t see good and won’t wear his glasses and partly cause well…he doesn’t like school.

This is Steven, Thomas, and Joe. I confuse all three of them, ALL the time. They all look alllmost identical. Stephen is majorly Add, and is the cause of the “bottom in the chair” repetition that is constant in the 2nd grade class, and has an interesting way of signing his name a giant S and a giant V and then tiiny tiiiny other letters. Arty?

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