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If I had a dollar for everytime I say this. I’d no longer have to work.

Unfortunately the teacher before has been calling it a bumbum, bumbum’s in the chairs.

This is stupid and makes me think of Tom Green. So now I’m having to re-train the children to answer to “bottoms in the chair”, “quick kicking Justin’s bottom” “quit scratching your bottom”, “etc.

While Wednesday went horrendously since I was sick and Elisa taught for the 45 minutes of the class when they ARE calm, I was not looking forward to today.

However I got in there, made up some activities, did some drawings, sang some songs, and threatened some children with erasing their apples. -They get an item next to their name everytime they’re good/answer a question.

Erasing of the apples is apparently really traumatic and even moving my hand near the board with the eraser will stop the problem. Only Charlie is immune to the apple bullshit, and he was actually good until the last 5 minutes today.

Today whew good.

One last thing to figure out…What to do when the smart kids finish worksheets way way faster than the not so quick kids.

The second grade class I love. We play scrabble, we talk about movies, they promise to teach me chinese. They asked “Teacher, how many years have you lived in Taiwan”.


I said…”Well, um four weeks”…and their mouths fell open.

See, I’m the first brand-new, unexperienced teacher the school has ever hired. And they are starting to notice that with the kindergarteners. I’m going to need a bit more help and time. Right now I’m a C kindergarten teacher, an A- second grade teacher.

Oh well. Also, Ivy today as I was leaving said, “oh did anyone tell you about the new classes you’ll be teaching next week?”…


Now I get to add to my resume. Kindergarten, 2nd grade, and Pre-K teacher.Two more classes of pre-K. Whatever, the pre-K classroom has the smart board, I can rock that shit, its like little kid candy. Technological candy.

It rained this afternoon, so I got to battle my super-cheap crap umbrella for the one mile walk home from the MRT. While on the MRT though it was gorgeous. The line I take from my school to the Zhongxiao Fuxing transfer is actually an El, unlike all the other subways, so I get to ride around watching Taipei from 4 stories up. Taipei 101 in the rain was all misty and shadowy, towering over a giant boulevard of trees and red blinking construction where they’re putting bus lanes in the middle of the roads. Construction netting on the buidling across from the MRT exit looking like spiderwebs with all the rain on it, blue billowing spiderwebs.

We’re going to Ikea tonight, since me and Tina get home before 8. I bought a mattress from the store next door 2 days ago, but do not have an official bed yet, and the floor-mattress-bed is not so glamorous. Bed buying time, and curtains, and lamps, and some sheets that aren’t Lord of the Rings. Yes, I’ve been sleeping on Lord of the Rings sheets that Jim’s mom gave us. I feel like the nerdiness may be rubbing off on my while I sleep. Tolkien was never an author I could get into.

Pudding time.

Also later I’m posting pictures of the Fruit Loops I opened yesterday. There are no blue ones and the other ones look sad. It’s like fruit loops with the fake coloring turned way way down. Saturation 50%, Brightness 50%. Sad Fruit Loops. But they still taste yummy.


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