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I get up this morning and see this as the first thing on my facebook minifeed.

Lovely guys, lovely. Sounds like some shenanigans concieved over a night at Sam’s and some internet browsing.

Also. I hear Tina scream right as I’m trying to process the fact that there are 7 pictures of Frank in a too small Hilary Duff tshirt staring at me.

Postsecret.com, out of the thousands of postcards that get sent in, this one is staring back at us from halfway down the page.

Winnie and Reid. My bets are that Reid sent it in.

Far away from home, but the internet makes the distance shorter and at the same time even more noticably far.

Peoples give me your addresses, I have things to mail. Obscure postcards and items of amusement. I will give you my address too in time. I need to hear more from you than what the mini-feed tells me.

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