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I just want some lunch meat. Please.

Not mystery tempura, not a whole chicken complete with skin, not a fish staring at me.

Some sliced salami, and turkey, and ham. Why do Asian’s not know about the wonders of the “SANDWICH”.

I went to a Subway the other day, so excited. One tiny triangle of cheese, two tiny tiny slices of tomato, and two tiny pickles, with alot of mayo and some turkey. This was my sad sad sandwich.

The reason for this diatribe. Watching Friends last night, the episode where Phoebe is pregnant and wants to quit being a vegetarian and eat meat. Whole scenes cataloging sandwiches, me and Tina were dying, and it was midnight and the only places open were 7-11 and the 24 hour bakery. Sadly ate three oreos, and then realized we were out of milk. Boo.


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