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Things are slowly slowly falling into place.

Found a school that I love. I may have to commute more but I don’t mind. IV American Academy is small, friendly, nice, relaxed, has the right hours, the right pay, and focuses on reading and not drilling the poor kids. One of the teachers – Elisa is trying to learn French and gave me some books she had that were too hard – The Secret Garden and Heidi in French. Its fate, the two stories I was obsessed with as a kid, in this school, in French? Bizarre.  The kids were well behaved and smiley, they have holday parties, pen pals, field trips. It looks peachy. And judging by the other teacher I saw- guy with a ponytail- major no-no here, I can wear my “eccentric” vintage clothes as much as I want.  Muzha line, Technology Building Station across from Taiwan University. Mmmmhmmm.

I also went to a Hess interview, Hess is a giant school will tons of locations and things. Barely told me anything, and the interviewer’s English wasn’t so good. I’d ask a question and get a funny answer based on what she thought I asked…I remember those fumbling days from French convo tests, guessing the questions instead of understanding them. Anyways, no Hess, yes IV American.

Next on the list. Apartments. Flying to Macau on Monday to get a visitors visa, so that I can get a resident visa, so that I can get an ARC and live here foreverrrr. Mmm Beauracracy, gotta love it. Or in my case hate that all of this is so complicated

Walking around in dress clothes, in 100 degree weather, a mile to the metro, I was a sweaty mess and my feet were screaming. Went to the SOGO mall in Zongsheng Fuxiao to kill time for an hour between interviews. Wandered every floor. Wandered the designer clothes floor, fingering Anna Sui, and Stella McCartney like I actually had the 18,000NT for the dresses, I looked the part a bit in my sunglasses and business clothes. At the 10th floor I stumbled upon the Toy section. Helllz yeah is all I have to say. Barbie, Hello Kitty, Legos, everything. I was 5 seconds from buying a Tamagotchi. I may just go back and get one for fun. That and a coin purse shaped like a smiley piece of toast. Bizarre.

German coo-coo clock section. Really there is everything here.

One other thing. Merrell shoes. They were my advertising foe my last couple of weeks in Nashville, hearing their name on the radio, on the street, at Movies in the Park, and only a week later did I discover they sold outdoor clothes. I was so disappointed. And now, Merrell has followed me to Taipei. Ridiculous.

Dinner and nap time.


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