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Listening to a new mix by Kitsune Noir, its pretty great, and I really like the cover art. He always manages to be simple and lovely. Thumbs up.


Here is a picture from before I devoured the last of the heart peeps that Tina got in the mail. Mmmm peeps. If only we had a microwave to blow one up in. I also got a box of valentines cookies from one of my student’s moms. I’m now teaching her son McQueen, and her other daughter Irene (hehe their names rhyme).

In other news, Valentine’s was spent eating noodles from the shop downstairs, finishing watching the first season of Freaks and Geeks and taking an epic nap that made me grouchy.

We went to the Taiwan Beer Factory Bar. I always ride by it on the bus and wanted to go. The artwork painted on the walls around the factory I find particularly appealing. Its very organic and modern with lots of stark outlines but flowing color splashes. I like it. I need to go back with the camera.

Its basically a factory where one of the big rooms inside has been set up cafeteria style with tables. There were groups sitting everywhere eating and drinking (its the only place to get Taiwan Beer on tap, they really don’t do draft beer in Taiwan). There were little kids running everywhere and playing which was a bit strange…taking your kids to the bar, but everyone seemed to be having a good time. It cleared out at 10:30, I guess people were moving on. We went over to Bellywash, which is next to Cafe Odeon (the one with belgian beer I like–reminds me of the Family Wash in Nashville). Then home.

Really all I want to do is have a day where I curl up and read for hours and hours and hours. I think I might do that today, then mahjong later.

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For some reason I am not still curled in bed this morning shaking my fist at my hard mattress and the fan that makes my eyes are hurty.

I am awake, and dressed, and finding last minute lesson plans for baby pre-K is done-ish…I mean I always make it up as I go, they’re three, they don’t notice.

Today is the massive Halloween party for pre-K, K, and 1. It involves, candy, and haunted houses, and masks, and a play my K class is supposed to put on that they’re woefully unprepared for. However I have tried, and I guess I will never be a famous stage director some day. Damn, lifelong goals crushed.

Or at least getting 5 year olds to read a long story by themselves along with hand motions and no wiggling is way more of a demand than any broadway director has even had to face.

However it shall be good, as well as my “costume” which is really just a giant purple feathery wig, and these funny glasses with a fake nose attached. I look like…I don’t know what I look like but the wig thing reminds me some how of Carol Channing. I’m sure to scare the baby pre-K and get lots of laughs and “teacher, you crazy” from my Kindergartners.

Another reason I’m so chipper this morning is that a package came yesterday morning from Nashville. It made it, all I had to do was sign, yesss.  Inside were clothes, a giant purse (seriously even my giant purse passions I dont think are ready for that monstrosity, mom…maybe someday when I binge on purse capacity, or want to run away with my entire life’s possesions inside, then it will come to good use). Also food–more specifically breakfast food.

I love breakfast food….guess who doesn’t really do breakfast…asians. Or at least what I like to call breakfast. Cereal – no, toast with jelly -no, oatmeal – no, etcetc. So I now own poptarts and instant oatmeal…mmmmmmmmmm. And some muffin mix, we’ll see if we can bake muffins in our tiny toaster oven.

Also Little Debbies. Which will be scarfed immediately.

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