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Pictures from the past week.

The camera will leave the apartment this week, I promise.

But, photographic highlights from last week include:

The very uninspiring, and no-color Froot Loops I opened.

No blue, and moldy green. But…they do taste yummy.

Also. We went grocery shopping! I bought jello and made it, andddd it was good. Usually it takes me about 3 tries to make something edible.And in some cases, like with the blueberry muffin mix this summer, I got worse each time I tried.

Also featured…soy sauce a liter’s worth, wax apples – which I tried and did not like–looks like styrophom, tastes tart, asian pears, and dried guava.

Tina cooked dinner. It was delicious.

And our tiny tiny fridge is full of food. This fridge comes up to my armpit. It is comically small, yet not quite a mini fridge. More like a grown-up fridge that hasn’t hit puberty. Anyways, putting things inside is like a giant jenga game. Jenga of food.

And last but not least.


Why not. He kind of scares me. Like the Dick Clark robot, except less charming.

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