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And in the meantime, I will still enjoy it fully – whether it be through digital content or on a Sunday morning stained with cereal milk and ink pen doodles.

A great thing recently that I’ve been enjoying almost EVERY SINGLE article posted is this:


or the magazine part: http://www.good.is/the-la-issue/

Good Magazine and its many other ventures, has solid writing, gorgeously simple design, and a good goal in mind.

Is it cheesy if I say its just plain…well.. good?

With the paywalls on New York Times, the depressing state of affairs with the economy, politics, social problems sometimes I just want to dig deep into fascinating articles like this:


or this! (mmmm infographics almost as delicious as pie charts)


or even this:http://www.good.is/post/want-to-reduce-the-trade-deficit-stop-driving-so-damn-much/

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