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So due to rain, we’ve spent the second day inside. So much for sight-seeing.

The tv has lost its charm with the same lack-luster 90’s films on repeat, the same as yesterday.

The leaking power socket has slowed to a minor ooze. We plugged back in the a/c, electrocution be damned.

Countless games of Spite and malice, Gin, and Rummy. Mawmaw- I’m reliving days spent in Alabama, hours at the kitchen table shuffling the worn blue cards over and over, sipping coffee as Aunt Betty chain smoked and spitefully killed my cards again and again. No mercy for a 9 year old.

Now all we need is a set of dominos and some pennies.

Snuck out and bought a pineapple. Got rained on a bit. My feet have developed a water mark of dirt from deceptively deep puddles.A good scrubbing they’ll get later, right now I think they can soak it in a bit. “Dirt don’t hurt”

Scheming ways to get Franklin here for New Years. Why is it so much money to fly halfway around the world?

Later, ironing all the prints I brought, since they are incredibly curled from their long journey in the suitcase. I brought with me some chair lino’s, one of Brittas, a space man, some flying squirrels, a butt-burnin’ slide, an abstract ritalin that got us talking about drug use during critique, a tagged bird from Amelia, and some previously un-seen “snap” linos that I had hoped to use as a christmas present last year, but wound up keeping for myself. Even though thats a lot, I feel like I need hundreds more on the walls.

I wish I had an apartment covered in cork. I will in my house one day. Cork walls, retro school tile floors in the kitchen,  and all the giant velvet curtains I could ever desire and NO blinds.

I hate blinds.

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