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Thanks alot economy

So today this old man on the bus stared at me as I got on, leaned in front of the lady sitting in his line of sight to just stare. After a few stops he leaned over and asked me where I was from.

I replied the United States and he then proceeded to try to tell me something but I couldn’t really understand because the english was so accented.

Boo nanace? nacial arke? … money? What? Money? After a “I’m sorry I don’t understand” Tina finally figured it out.

“American business financial stock market ruin everything”

The man was apparently yelling at me, because America is ruining the world’s finances, and as an American I should know better and its all my fault.

It was our stop and we got off.

But still. The economy is not my fault. I did not vote for George Bush, I did not vote for a war that hemorrhages money, I did not take on exorbitant credit card debit, I did not default on a mortgages, I do not support continued interest in oil because of lobbyists and special interest groups in Washington. If anything I have read a lot and been fairly informed about just how royally America is screwing themselves and the world markets at the moment.

Why the hell do you think I have a job in Taiwan. I’ve seen how long and how agonizing it is for college graduates to get jobs at home right now. So I think I’ll just sit over here till its all fixed.

But I’m pretty sure the old man wouldn’t have understood a word of this mini-rant, just like I couldn’t understand him. Kudos to him for at least following world finances and I agree that its horrible that America will take down weaker economies with them that won’t recover near as quickly, but for now I’m merely the white girl from America on the bus just trying to get to the mall to spend my money on Taiwan goods in Taiwan’s economy.

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The technicalities

To answer some questions:

When did you decide to do this?

The official deciding day was the Hamblet announcement in April. What is the Hamblet? Well, a large portion of the senior art show involves the Hamblet award, which is a 20,000$ grant to make art and have a solo show in the upcoming year. Initially I started on my senior show not with award goals but really to just accomplish creating an entire show. The process and stress of working on something so intensely and having the satisfaction of showing to a public what I think and am inspired by (which is incidentally old-school dangerous play ground equipment) was what I was thinking about. But the more I worked the more I thought that maybe my ideas would be worth something in grant money not just in wall space and would be something to decide my life for me, rather than flounder like all other college graduates.

I was at the same time tempted to keep on traveling. A semester in France had left me wanting to see more and visit more places. Tina was applying to the JET program (Japan english teaching) and I had several friends who had lived/living in Asia teaching english. Thanks to the Euro, and rampant unemployment in France, western civilization was out of the question, so I was looking at bit farther west…all the way to the far east, funny thing the whole circular planet thing. Who decided what got to be “eastern” and “western” isn’t it all relative? Anyways. Art grant -money to travel/make art. Teaching english -money to travel/make art.

The Hamblet happened, it was fantastic and it seemed very very close but not quite 20,000$. I got results from the show and indeed a push in life. Not really in the direction I had initially thought but certainly more adventurous and risky.

Thus me and Tina are now off on harebrained adventures, she turned down an acceptance to the JET program and I started trying to learn Pinyin. And the money I hope to save from my year traveling and working will be the money I now use to keep making prints, buying ink, screens, etc.

So I guess that’s a why as well.

Other whys include

A nest egg will be nice, and the process of acquiring it isn’t half bad. New stories, new life, a break from the American mindset, a break from everything I’m familiar with. I’m also aware that this is my last chance to really travel completely. Traveling when you’re 30-40-50..not the same. We all know that. I don’t have a house, a job, a couch, plants, all those little and big things that tie you down. So I’m going to frolic. Frolicking dammit, frolicking.

In terms of hard plans. I don’t really have any. I’m taking out a 2500$ loan to float any “starting a new life” expenditures. We’re staying with Tina’s extended family until we have an apartment, jobs, furniture, etc. No doubt there will be alot of nodding, bowing, and blank smiles. I had my first dream about Taiwan last night and it consisted only of that. It was pretty much silent, seeing everything and taking it in in my own head with no conversation.

Kinda weird, not scary.

Any other questions? Maybe, we’ll see later.

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