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Giggles and crowds

As I slowly walk into the traffic jam that is Zhongxiao Fuxing station at 6:30 on a Friday night, Goober Peas by Burl Ives shuffles onto my ipod. The visual of hundred and hundreds of people in lines and in masses shuffling back and forth while goober peas plays in my ear was quite a juxtaposition.

I spent the whole time shuffling from the train to the 4 story escalator to the stairs to the other train with a ridiculous grin on my face.

If only the whole world could here what you hear sometimes.

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Pop stars and movies

Today: Two interviews and assorted other exploits.

Interview in Xindian – more like be 45 minutes late because the commute was 2 hours by bus then metro then bus again, only to have them show us the classroom and ask when we can start.

Shopping: get a pair of ridiculously giant sunglasses, despite the fact that NO ONE wears sunglasses for some bizarre reason even though its tropical here and way bright. Ive been wanting giant sunglasses for a while and have finally overcome all of the naysayers of them…to those people I now say nay to you, because now 35% of my face is protected from sunburn by plastic alone.

Interview in Yonghe: Same school chain, but this time we do a demo – mini lesson with elementary aged kids. 4 of them, 3 boys and a girl. One of the boys is a hyper little kid who keeps putting his feet on the table/standing in his chair etc. My reasoning skills, with wild children who only understand limited English, are tested. The supervisor doesn’t really give a yay or a nay when we’re done, we have no idea and have to wait till Monday.

Come back, hang out in the apartment while Tina goes on an interview alone, me and Amber have broken English conversations, she convinces me to eat some mystery fruit that has a brown shell you have to peel and gooey green/blue inside. I eat it—declare—hao bu tseuh –not yummy. Guess its not my style.

However I am scarfing mangoes at the moment. Mangos and cherries I can eat till I get a belly ache…none of this Marachino cherry crap, giant dark red cherries with huge pits that leave your mouth and fingers stained red…yummy.

Tonight, more hanging out with Tina’s older cousin, “Joyce” who is still in college, and Jim who is a cousin on the mom-side also in college. Jim has visited Nashville twice in the past and remembered me from 7th grade – crazy. Hanging out with people my own age is nice, and they all make an effort to speak English with me sometimes and it makes me want to understand the conversation even more, but everyone talks fast and Im going to need a lot a lot of vocab learning before I can get much. We got “Italian food”. I thought I ordered baked ziti, but instead cheesy baked rice with mushrooms, still really delicious. Then we went to the Death-Star Mall, also known as the “living mall”  and got tickets to see Made of Honor and wandered around. We wasted a ton of change on some claw machines trying to get these stuffed cartoon cat toys. The toys would be lifted and then drop/fall riiiiight before the box. We played arcade basketball. The movie was a chick flick and based in NY (as always), and it was really weird to sit and think….I stood on that exact bridge about a month ago or I was right there in the MET a month ago. It made me miss NY a bit.

Watching Asian Idol right now…or Super Idol or something. I’m starting to watch tv enough to know shows I like. Theres this one about a pesky mother-in-law that I like.  And today in the mall I stood transfixed for about 10 minutes watching a video of “Show” a Taiwanese pop-star/tv-star/his face is on EVERYTHING. He had this Michael Jackson coat on and giant gold pants and was singing a song from what I could guess about how he loved curvy girls. Bizarre and really really addictive. The tv show he’s on I’ve seen before too and he plays basketball where he and this other guy compete on the court for the skills and affection of this girl basketball manager….at least I think that’s what its about, I’m just trying to follow all of this without dialogue.

Tomorrow we can sleep in, nice. And maybe the beach next weekend if I don’t have to leave the country on a visa run. It’s the first weekend where we haven’t been really jet lagged.

I’ve been here only a week today. It seems sort of surreal. In some aspects I’m very adjusted and in other ways it still feels like a vacation and at some point I’ll get on a plane and go home. I guess this is because all my stuff is still in suitcases, which is becoming an issue as I can never find anything.

Oh oh another show I like is on now. 8 school girls in matching outfits give presents to a hot boy to convince him to pick them. A lot like the dating game but super teeny-bopper ish.

Midnight here, noon at home. The 11 hour time different is nice because its not hard to calculate but I’m always having to function at the edges of time I feel to get people waking up or going to sleep, rarely do the hours in the middle of the day haveanyone not sleeping at home, or vice versa.

So this seems to be a smattering of a lot of things, but that’s about it at the moment. A longer post to follow about the subway and how polite everyone is. Freaky. Rule following robots I think. But more later.

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