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As promised a trip to Elephant Mountain (its called elephant mountain because of its shape, there is also tiger mountain, leopard mountain, and lion mountain—they guard Taipei, of course).

A morning of tidying the apartment and eating apple pie at a coffee shop. I sat out on the balcony despite it being a bit brisk and got ogled by every old man who came outside to smoke. …Just drinkin coffee here, carry on please.

Finally I grabbed my camera and me and William were off. Not too far away, past 101 and down some streets, I swear we just turned a corner and all of a sudden gone were the high buildings and there was fresh air and trees. Winding back streets and we finally find what seems to be the start of a trail. And by trail I mean hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of stairs. After climbing a particularly strenuous set I sit down, and William announces we’ve only been hiking for 5 minutes….literally 5 minutes…12 more minutes of stair climbing to go.


Waaaaaah. I hate exercise. But…it was well worth it. A rival to the views from the top of 101 and free to boot. We settled down on a giant boulder to wait 20 more minutes for the sun to set. Others were doing the same, setting up tri-pods in order to get the most perfect night-shot. Most of the postcards of Taipei are apparently taken from this exact spot.









It was gorgeous. And then scary going back down all the stairs in the dark. Trees in Taiwan are skeeeery. Lots of scraggly branches and vines.

Hot pot for dinner (yum) and scootering at night is really really cold.

(Tina claims the old photo made me have a giant nose…alternate photo supplied..though I think this one is sappy, and I DO NOT DO Sappy.)

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Today we got up had some donuts and coffee at Mr. Donut, walked down to Taipei 101.

Tourist time!

Art outside..

Tina being silly.

Looking at it from below, you have to crain your neck way way back, but still, while really tall, it didn’t seem like the tallest building in the world. I guess its because there aren’t any comperable skyscrapers near by, it just sits by itself big and green.

We wandered around the very very posh mall that is the first 5 floors before getting tickets for the observation deck. Only 400$ (12$) which is pretty cheap I’d say for the top of the world’s tallest building. Hell the Rockefeller Center in NY was like 30$ a pop to just look at other tall buildings.

We get in the elevator and we rise 84 floors in about 35 seconds. Since you’re completely enclosed you don’t realize it but your ears repeatedly popping let you know you’re flying skywards. Ding, we’re there.

I really wasn’t ready for how unbeleivably high we were, and how giant Taipei is. I know we can ride and ride and never see anything different than buildings and stores and buildings, but it stretches literally for as far as you can see.

On all sides, as far as visibility allows.

Theres the death star mall! I told you it looked like the death star, it does even more inside.

And here’s me, the whole being dark in the viewing gallery doesn’t make for a great backdrop.

And here’s the giant ball that keeps the whole building from falling over during Tsunamis, it stops it moving up to 40% and weighs 730 tons.

There was also nearby a 5 story bookstore, yum. And a whole hall of mirrors leading to the giant ball where we took crazy reflection pictures, but that’s for another day.

The views were great, it really was amazing, maybe I’ll go back another time. Night views?

Also I’m planning on making a collection of Taipei 101 photos from our apartment since it changes color everyday of the week. It does a rainbow thing Roy G. Biv , today its sunday so its purple. A rainbow of taipei 101s.

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Pictures from the past week.

The camera will leave the apartment this week, I promise.

But, photographic highlights from last week include:

The very uninspiring, and no-color Froot Loops I opened.

No blue, and moldy green. But…they do taste yummy.

Also. We went grocery shopping! I bought jello and made it, andddd it was good. Usually it takes me about 3 tries to make something edible.And in some cases, like with the blueberry muffin mix this summer, I got worse each time I tried.

Also featured…soy sauce a liter’s worth, wax apples – which I tried and did not like–looks like styrophom, tastes tart, asian pears, and dried guava.

Tina cooked dinner. It was delicious.

And our tiny tiny fridge is full of food. This fridge comes up to my armpit. It is comically small, yet not quite a mini fridge. More like a grown-up fridge that hasn’t hit puberty. Anyways, putting things inside is like a giant jenga game. Jenga of food.

And last but not least.


Why not. He kind of scares me. Like the Dick Clark robot, except less charming.

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