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April Fools

I didn’t play any April Fools pranks on my children today. I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t a little mean. Oh well.

However CNN in its article mentioned the Taipei Times (one of Taipei’s two english newspapers). Intrigued we looked it up.

The article is hilarious, and I was really really surprised at how biting they were at China. While I do hear things like this said in conversation, never ever in print. Asian’s are always so polite and proper. Favorite quote:

“After the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) candidate Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) won the presidential election last May, the pandas were accepted, though critics continue to decry what they see as an attempt by Beijing to bribe Taiwanese with cute, cuddly furballs in lieu of a more meaningful gesture of goodwill such as removing some of the 1,500 missiles China has pointed at Taiwan.”

Other than this biting sarcasm, there’s a lot of stuff about sexually kinky pandas and melamine. I highly suggest you read the article.


in other news: text message received today about getting home from work….

to jennifer: ah I c. Home sweat home.

hahaha. Engrish text messages oh how you amuse me…and frustrate me – decoding what the abbreviations/mispellings/broken phrases.

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Hahaha. Asians AND the election. Double whammy.

(Where can I get a dolphin hat like that)

When I get up tomorrow morning America will have a new president, and hopefully we can start being a good country instead of a shitty, evil, greedy one.

In other news today was my semi-day off. So after baby Pre-K and working on bulletin boards in the classroom I headed across town to see the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

There was a Jerry Uelsmann exhibit that I was excited to see and really surprised was here, since I had only heard about him in passing from one of my professors-Libby. He had about 40-50 pieces, it was really great.

However I was really really blown away by the rest of the museum as well. It was a fairly large place. 3 massive square floors, and while the actual building itself was a bit rough: patchy paint jobs, bizarre hallways that led nowhere, floor gaps, videos set on cardboard boxes. The art was pretty impressive.

Right now there is the Taipei Biennial going so an entire floor was dedicated to mostly modern video and installation art. And while usually I thumbs down video art, a couple of the pieces were really fascinating. One I watched for a long time about a man asking people what day it was…and then the asian people looking at him and his camera and saying “they didn’t know” or “don’t film me” or “its June 4th…thats it”…after asking about 100 people and all of them acting very strangely and denying any knowledge of the day’s date I couldn’t really figure out what was going on.  Then it cuts to Tiananmen Square, an average day, with swat gear and police more than usual. June 4th 2005…Chinese citizens are still paranoid and petrified of talking about the date, 14 years after the fact.

IN addition to Jerry Uelsmann there was a floor of contemporary Asian ink paintings….already tired and having spent an hour of two wandering I wasn’t really into going into this last floor, but I felt like I should give it a chance, maybe it wouldn’t be the same paintings of bamboo and characters.


Wow. is all I can say. They were amazing. Massive, giant, towering paintings, often in 1 to 2 colors, tones of grey, fine detail, millions of strokes all the same or similar to a large gorgeous effect. Several artists each with very distinct styles and they were beautiful, modern, amazing. I will have to find pictures to put up.

And at 15 NT for a ticket(!50 cents!) I am definitely going back – plus the giant park next door looked pretty lovely.

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