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Big foot

All I want is a new pair of shoes for my birthday. Preferably some green heels. This town is filled with tons and tons and tons of shoe stores, yet I have repeatedly failed at this task. Why?

Apparently I have big feet?

I find a shoe, I shuffle up to the sales lady I ask “si shi?” (四十 size 40)and the reply is always “mayo” (don’t have). Then they offer something impossibly smaller like a 36 or something. Usually I unrealistically hope the other option will fit. Of course it doesn’t, then I have to admit that its too small (tai xiao) for my clomping western feet (I don’t know the words for too big because I’ve never had to say it, sad). Grr



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Today we got up had some donuts and coffee at Mr. Donut, walked down to Taipei 101.

Tourist time!

Art outside..

Tina being silly.

Looking at it from below, you have to crain your neck way way back, but still, while really tall, it didn’t seem like the tallest building in the world. I guess its because there aren’t any comperable skyscrapers near by, it just sits by itself big and green.

We wandered around the very very posh mall that is the first 5 floors before getting tickets for the observation deck. Only 400$ (12$) which is pretty cheap I’d say for the top of the world’s tallest building. Hell the Rockefeller Center in NY was like 30$ a pop to just look at other tall buildings.

We get in the elevator and we rise 84 floors in about 35 seconds. Since you’re completely enclosed you don’t realize it but your ears repeatedly popping let you know you’re flying skywards. Ding, we’re there.

I really wasn’t ready for how unbeleivably high we were, and how giant Taipei is. I know we can ride and ride and never see anything different than buildings and stores and buildings, but it stretches literally for as far as you can see.

On all sides, as far as visibility allows.

Theres the death star mall! I told you it looked like the death star, it does even more inside.

And here’s me, the whole being dark in the viewing gallery doesn’t make for a great backdrop.

And here’s the giant ball that keeps the whole building from falling over during Tsunamis, it stops it moving up to 40% and weighs 730 tons.

There was also nearby a 5 story bookstore, yum. And a whole hall of mirrors leading to the giant ball where we took crazy reflection pictures, but that’s for another day.

The views were great, it really was amazing, maybe I’ll go back another time. Night views?

Also I’m planning on making a collection of Taipei 101 photos from our apartment since it changes color everyday of the week. It does a rainbow thing Roy G. Biv , today its sunday so its purple. A rainbow of taipei 101s.

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Things are slowly slowly falling into place.

Found a school that I love. I may have to commute more but I don’t mind. IV American Academy is small, friendly, nice, relaxed, has the right hours, the right pay, and focuses on reading and not drilling the poor kids. One of the teachers – Elisa is trying to learn French and gave me some books she had that were too hard – The Secret Garden and Heidi in French. Its fate, the two stories I was obsessed with as a kid, in this school, in French? Bizarre.  The kids were well behaved and smiley, they have holday parties, pen pals, field trips. It looks peachy. And judging by the other teacher I saw- guy with a ponytail- major no-no here, I can wear my “eccentric” vintage clothes as much as I want.  Muzha line, Technology Building Station across from Taiwan University. Mmmmhmmm.

I also went to a Hess interview, Hess is a giant school will tons of locations and things. Barely told me anything, and the interviewer’s English wasn’t so good. I’d ask a question and get a funny answer based on what she thought I asked…I remember those fumbling days from French convo tests, guessing the questions instead of understanding them. Anyways, no Hess, yes IV American.

Next on the list. Apartments. Flying to Macau on Monday to get a visitors visa, so that I can get a resident visa, so that I can get an ARC and live here foreverrrr. Mmm Beauracracy, gotta love it. Or in my case hate that all of this is so complicated

Walking around in dress clothes, in 100 degree weather, a mile to the metro, I was a sweaty mess and my feet were screaming. Went to the SOGO mall in Zongsheng Fuxiao to kill time for an hour between interviews. Wandered every floor. Wandered the designer clothes floor, fingering Anna Sui, and Stella McCartney like I actually had the 18,000NT for the dresses, I looked the part a bit in my sunglasses and business clothes. At the 10th floor I stumbled upon the Toy section. Helllz yeah is all I have to say. Barbie, Hello Kitty, Legos, everything. I was 5 seconds from buying a Tamagotchi. I may just go back and get one for fun. That and a coin purse shaped like a smiley piece of toast. Bizarre.

German coo-coo clock section. Really there is everything here.

One other thing. Merrell shoes. They were my advertising foe my last couple of weeks in Nashville, hearing their name on the radio, on the street, at Movies in the Park, and only a week later did I discover they sold outdoor clothes. I was so disappointed. And now, Merrell has followed me to Taipei. Ridiculous.

Dinner and nap time.

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So yesterday was shopping day and we took the MRT (subway) to Ximen Ding (ps. The subways here are amazingly clean and airconditioned-heavenly). Ximen Ding is basically a shopping/hangout mecca for the teenagers of Taipei. Picture street upon street upon street of clothing stores and food places and shops all for trendy teenager stuff and then add thousands of teenagers all walking in groups and hanging out. Damn this would have been amazing in highschool.

Nevertheless it was amazing for me because our first stop after meeting up with Tina’s other aunt and her 9 year old cousin Amber (who is adorable) was…McDonalds!!! After days of mystery food and nothing tasting quite like what I was used to, I was a teeny bit tired of noodles, tofu, and “meat”….so I got a happy meal, complete with Kung-fu Panda toy. Hamburger- delicious, fries- delicious, even the ketchup- which in France/Europe was horrible, was delicious. I will never talk smack about McDonalds ever again. Later in the day I succumbed to Dunkin Donuts as well. Chocolate icing and sprinkles—a little chewy not quite the same, but still good. My stomach was so happy. In reference to the title of this post, I learned the word for delicious a few days ago but sometimes I get too excited and say it wrong, instead of hao si I say hao si…yeah it’s the same word but the tone is different…so instead of good taste, I say good snake. Sounds like some sort of band and it gets freaky looks from Tina when I go around proclaiming “Good snake!”

After this, was shopping. – got a birthday present for Frank that is perfect, Tina got some black Chucks for 25$, I got a new purse that is larger than my brown one, is white, and has a zipper, maybe it’ll be a successor to my yellow behemoth of a bag. We took pictures with Amber in this place that is entirely filled with photo booths, but these are really fancy ones, Amber was so so excited and I would have been too if I was 9. You can pick from hundreds of backgrounds, and then adjust the lighting and after you take them put words or pictures anywhere you want on the photo and make them sparkly. So we took some adorable ones and I got a tiny strip of them, I’ll try to take a picture of them later so that you can see.

Tired, me and Tina head back around 6 to the business. Tina’s aunt takes us to get cellphones and pizza. Since I’m not Taiwanese I can’t get a phone there but they give me one of their old ones to use and buy a prepay card for, and its still pretty cool. Yay.

Today: health check at the hospital. Didn’t take too long, but I had to go from person to person to person, eyes, height, weight, ears, blood, x-ray etc etc. However this form that I get lets me get my ling-term visa for work, because right now I’m only allowed to be here for 30 days.

Moved the Beitou interview to tomorrow, since I had to go to the hospital then I couldn’t get my resume to print then photos then…we were just stressed out and didn’t think we’d have time. Actually we do, but the Beitou interview is looking less appealing everyday since its at a far-out location, and not a lot of hours.

I bought stationary and cards for everyone. Prepare for insanely cute paper smilies and letters in the future. If you want a letter, give me an address, its that easy.

Potential Future topics:

Smog: I can’t remember what blue skies look like / Hey I can stare directly at the sun!
Scooters: Dang there are a lot / Hey a lady is driving one while holding a baby!
Boys: Why have you spent more time on your hair than I have?
Fashion: Fake glasses, no cleavage, baby-doll dresses
Food: yay or nay – a jelly and blood diet
Tanning: Vampire look is in.
Staring: Can I start charging money for looks?
Fruit: Amazing and everywhere, fresh, fresh, fresh!
Language: Wo bu zhidao.

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