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So the countdown has been happening whether I’ve been acknowledging it or not. And yesterday I got to the point where I had to tell people I’m leaving “tomorrow”. Not a number, like 2 days or 6 days or even 18. It was so close I had to use an actual descriptive term. Dang.

But now tomorrow is today. And we get on a plane tonight at 6pm, to start the 23 hour flight “adventure”, and by adventure I mean, damnnn thats some long flights. A four hour one and then a 5 hour layover and then 15 more hours. I’ve got some books. Bought a Murakami – “Kafka on the Beach”, and going to attempt the monster that is Les Miserables, because I can’t resist a long book and this one is almost fatter than it is tall, in paperback. Victor Hugo sure showed up Balzac in pure weight of a book with this one.

In terms of the perpetual luggage packing saga…it is still not done. Or rather I’m playing the weigh game. Shift items, weigh suitcases—too heavy…shift again…still the same items so of course its still too heavy…agonize over what to take out…begrudgingly take out 4 shirts and a dress…weight again and realize 5 items of dress do not weigh the 5 pounds I’m going over by….scheme some more.

The result of my scheming is that it only costs 50$ for an overweight bag between 50-70lbs. So me and Tina are just going to load all our excess poundage into one really ridiculously heavy suitcase. Problem solved.

So I’ve run all my errands. Snuck mac and cheese and tiny boxes of cereal in my bags. Got all the pepto bismal and mylanta that my poor heartburn-wracked body will ever need. Have art to take with me including Johnny Cash, playground prints, and retro spacemen. I hope to get some more while I’m in Taiwan, Asia is the homeland of printmaking after all. I’ve made my 10000 phone calls to banks and whatnot, and Sprint surprisingly wasn’t terrible about letting me cancel my cellphone contract, hurrah. I’ve emptied the basement of the overflowing wreck that was my possessions and now they are sitting in one corner, diminished to about 6 boxes. I’ve bequeathed my hairblowdryer to Kathryn who gleefully ran away with it…too bad now that I have the luggage weight thing fixed I’m going to want it back…never trust generous presents from your own sister, hehe. I’ve bought two workbooks of english problems for 1-4th graders…this will make me able to teach instantly right? I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to do that.

I think that’s it.

Isn’t it?

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