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The business.

Since today all we did was go to one interview for Tina and I sat in Starbucks and colored in my journal, we’re going to skip ahead to a more general topic. One, which is gross, yet, fascinating, and ever present.

Squatty-toilets. As I refer to them.

When I was in French squat toilets were a rare, but present occurrence, usually only way out in rural areas. Here, everywhere.

Tina’s aunt and uncle business,- squatty toilet, the subway- squatty toilet, mc donalds- squatty toilet, the mall – squatty toilet. You get the picture.

Now people in the US might think ewww. Why, why would you choose that over a sit down one. Apparently wikipedia has a lot of reasons why, check them out because some are really amusing, but the number one reason is its cleaner believe it or not. Apparently since you’re not technically touching anything there is nothing to get dirty. Personally, I just don’t want to have to crouch down that close to my business. And I have to convince myself to go, because it seems so wrong. Carol – I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t survive here given your “shy bladder” as you call it.
And I haven’t even crossed the bridge of what happens if I need to #2. No, no, never going to happen. Not  a possibility.

Now usually there is a selection of sit down and squatty in public bathrooms, because the handicapped stall has to be sit-down. When me and Tina wait in line for the bathroom I play the squatty-lottery,  every time hoping that the sit-down one will be free when I get there. Sometimes I lose – oh well.

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