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Since I am now on vacation technically…I am leaving on Monday to go to Vietnam and Cambodia for 19 days. I am traveling with my friend Axel, and we’re doing Vietnam top to bottom, then hopefully we’ll take a boat over to Cambodia and check out the sights there. Why Vietnam? Its a bit off the path, its a bit untraditional, I feel as if its overlooked amongst Thailand and other South East Asian destinations. Why not Vietnam? I want to extend my knowledge of the country beyond that of cheesy war flicks shown in the movies. People didn’t stop living there after 1975, theres a country, a people, a culture still thriving with a vast history. Cambodia is the destination I particularly pushed for. After seeing some photographs from a friend a few years ago that were breathtaking, I need to go see it for myself. Hopefully I can capture some of what he saw as well.

So I got my impossibly small backpack, a camera, and some American cash and I’m ready to go.

Our tentative schedule? While Axel is so gung-ho about seeing everything, I’m sure some of this will have to be adjusted or our legs will fall off.

We’re traveling down the coast from Hanoi to Ho Chih Minh (Saigon) then on to Phnom Pehn in Cambodia. The dates are prospective though, we might take more time in one place or skip another depending on how we’re feeling, but this’ll give you a rough idea. We are traveling Aug. 3-21
3 Hanoi
4 Hanoi
5 Halong Bay
6 Hue
7 Hue / Hoi An
8 Hoi An / Tuy Hoa
9 Tuy Hoa – Beach
10 Saigon
11 Saigon
12 Cu Chi-Vietnam war tunnels
13 My Tho –Mekong floating towns
14 My Tho
15 Travel to Cambodia, on to Phnom Penh
16 Rest in Phnom Penh
17 Angkor Wat/Siem Reap
18 Angkor Wat/Siem Reap
19 Angkor Wat/Siem Reap
20 Phnom Penh
21 Phnom Penh

Wish me luck. A bit nervous, a bit excited. It should be great. Any advice is welcome.

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Vacation Trip

Jennifer is Sick

Hides inside

Drinks some wine

First day of school…

I thought I was done with this crap?

Maybe that doesn’t rhyme, but then again poetry was never my thing, my thing was Victorian Literature, and all things written  by dead old white men. As Pat knows about my diatribes against Prof. Jarman, poetry and I have been battling for a long long time. So sorry for that bit of poetic sludge. Its the cold medicine I promise.

In other news:

Greetings from the new apartment. It is pretty snazzy here and only 4 blocks from the old digs. (Yes I used the word digs, yes I may be living in 1962).

This weekend, after a tiring three days of teaching a class for the one other english teacher (Keith) who is on vacation, Tina and I were whisked away for an impromptu weekend vacation…and by whisked away I mean taken begrudingly at 7am to a mountain cabin with 30 other people that Aunt and Uncle work with.

It was nice though, there was a pool where I swam around in a t-shirt because my bikini is apparently to hot to handle here, but then was later goaded into wearing just the bikini and fulfilling my Americaness. Then there was barbeque chicken and corn and Taiwan Beer…and then there was a sore throat and a raging migrane and then fever and dizziness and laying in bed wishing to be anywhere but here. There was drinking of mystery medicine and more laying around and then finally some fitful sleeping since Asians don’t beleive in soft mattresses but prefer to sleep on just the box springs/floor/bamboo pad. The next day, mildly better. Sitting around, playing cards, watching tv, coming home. The vacation was in the mountains south of Taipei in Wulai. There were apparently hot springs but the only thing I saw was a rock pool full of bathtub temp. water. The cabins were lovely and huge and there was a waterfall right right behind our porch. It was very much like going to the Smoky Mountains when I was little and staying at Cobbly Knob.

The waterfall behind the cabin.

Me, retrieving a giiiiant snake skin from the wall behind the cabin to the screams of Lulu, Tina, and Aunt. They were grossed out, I was fascinated…really, its just skin. I would be more scared that I climbed over the railing onto a giant wall overlooking rushing water.

Said snake skin. Isn’t it cool.

So this boy, whom I refer to as “Puffy hair boy” proclaimed his love for me last week at the office, while everyone laughed at him. “You are very beautiful. I can be your friend?” Since then, I’ve stayed distanced a bit and everyone has tormented him unmercifully. For a photo op I hopped on his scooter, and he completely freaked out that I was so close, hence the bashful smile from Puffy-haired boy. I think I might have made his day

Sadly there are no wedding bells in the future, as puffy-haired boy is 15, and well….has puffy hair. An unfortunate fashion trend for teenagers, where they get their hair all crimped so it stands out like a big fluffy poof. I think that they think its bad ass….

On a final note. Or two final notes.

Cheers to the new apartment. I will post indepth pictures as soon as we have curtains, couch slip covers, prints on the walls, I own a bed, and we have a tv.

I give it a week before we can amass all of these things. Right now its nice, but a bit spartan.

Also. Tomorrow is the first official day of school. Though I’ve been teaching preschoolers for the past 3 days, tomorrow I have my own classes, a kindergarten one and a second grade one.

I am terrified. But only because I know two hours is alot longer than I think it is. And because the lesson plan book is full of stupid shit that no real 5 year old would sit through. Where are you Ms. Harper when I need you. It’ll be fine, I have enough inane songs and vague questions to last me to infinity.

Lesson plan books, fie. Vinyl retro couch,fie.

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