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And in the meantime, I will still enjoy it fully – whether it be through digital content or on a Sunday morning stained with cereal milk and ink pen doodles.

A great thing recently that I’ve been enjoying almost EVERY SINGLE article posted is this:


or the magazine part: http://www.good.is/the-la-issue/

Good Magazine and its many other ventures, has solid writing, gorgeously simple design, and a good goal in mind.

Is it cheesy if I say its just plain…well.. good?

With the paywalls on New York Times, the depressing state of affairs with the economy, politics, social problems sometimes I just want to dig deep into fascinating articles like this:


or this! (mmmm infographics almost as delicious as pie charts)


or even this:http://www.good.is/post/want-to-reduce-the-trade-deficit-stop-driving-so-damn-much/

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Sedate saturdays

Woke up, decided to walk to Starbucks for some quiet reading time ( I miss Coco’s). There was some sort of autograph signing going on outside of a building next to Starbucks. Hundreds of teenagers lined up in the hot sun. A table with two people and the banner, Super Star underneath them. Too bad I had no idea who it was.

The first Starbucks I’ve been to where the cashier didn’t know enough english to know what I was saying, dammit I thought Starbucks was safe. Pointing alot eventually got me my cranberry scone, and iced coffee. I do not know the word for cranberry scone, sorry. All I could muster was, “kafei?” No shit coffee…its Starbucks.

Read, did my chinese writing. Woot I know the words for sun, moon, bright, wood, girl, boy, children, small, good, big.

Came back, (ps. the scone was gross, kinda tasted like eggs – why why can’t things taste like I expect).

Swiffered the apartment, wet mopped the apartment, neurotically lined things up at straight lines and edges, washed dishes, took a shower, made my bed, made an entire excel sheet for “coupons” for my second graders. They get them for doing homework/being good/spelling test grades etc. The tally system I had going was not working at alll.

I made a grilled cheese, and watched Witches on Cinemax. I used to watch it on tv all the time when I was little, and it scared the crap out of me. In case you don’t know Witches is based on the Roald Dahl book by the same name about a Witches who are bald and have no toes and turn children into mice, and have a convention at this hotel etc etc etc. Sadly, not as good as I remembered but still pretty awesome, Anjelica Houston was intense as the head witch.

Since the apartment was all clean, why not take some pictures. So here we go, the much await pictures. This is what you get for 18,000 NT (600) a month, in a pretty desirable area.

The living room. Those are the funky vinyl couch and loveseat that came with the place. Sometime in the distant future I hope to find a fabric store and make some slip covers, since the slip covers at Carrefour were uuuuugly. and expensive.

From the kitchen side of the room.

The kitchen. The worlds tiniest fridge, the world’s tiniest oven, and a pretty nice gas stove. Though I hit my head on that pointy hood like twice a week.

Tina’s room is on the left, mine is right next to the front door, a raised room. The door at the end is the bathroom.

The bathroom. Pretty typical. I am too tall for the showerhead, so I have to slouch a bit, later I am going to rig me a doohickey that holds the shower head higher, so I don’t feel like a giant freak in the shower anymore.

My room. I have the small room, but I don’t mind. Tina’s room has a dresser and hanging closets and a double bed. My bed is like 1.5 twins anyways. The window into the room behind is our laundry room which has a big window to hang things outside.

My wardrobe/closet, has only shelves, oneside I’ve stuck a giant fan since my room doesn’t have ac, it doesn’t get that hot though. The fan mostly just has good white noise, and dries out my eyes while I’m sleeping. My room has all sliding doors like I have at home.

The gorgeous view from the window, of the people across the way. I think I can see the sky up there somewhere

We also have a built in shoe closet next to the front door, which is pretty nice, but my chucks stink it up big time.

I think that’s it.

Come visit.

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